Home Brewed Coffee

One of the largest dilemmas of a travelling caffeine lover is the unavailability of that perfectly brewed cup of coffee, just the way they like it.

Do you share the same problem when out travelling or your frequent trekking and bag packing trips? In case you do, it is important that you be introduced to the fantastic concept of the French Press Coffee Makers.

Yes these are coffee makers, but are way different than the usual bulky affairs.

They will help you make for yourself that perfect cup of steaming coffee, bringing all your senses to live and rejuvenating you, the first thing the morning.

What is a French Press Coffee Maker?

The French Press Coffee Maker came to be introduced in France, sometime in the 1800's but it was not till the 1900's that it saw its potential grow.

Two Italians took the credit for revamping it for the modern world and making it more result driven. Ever since the re-launch of the French press coffee maker, in its new and better avatar, it slithered into the lives of people beyond the European borders as well.

Americans especially took to these beautiful coffee makers, to brew themselves fresh, hot and fragrant coffee every time they had the craving for a cup.

These soon became main stream thanks to the brilliant results they fetched every time and also thanks to their mobile character. These are great accompaniments on small as well as long trips.

Why are these French Press Coffee Makers ideal for travelling?

There are a number of things working for these plunger press coffee makers. They have increasingly become the favourites of many travellers.  The reasons that make them the best company for travelling individuals, include-

  • Small and compact-

The French Press Coffee makers are small and compact. They can be tucked away in any corner of your bag pack or slung from a chain, with a hook.

Their extremely mobile and compact nature makes them the perfect accompaniment on trips. This way you never have to miss out on the perfect cup of coffee, wherever in the world you are.

All you have to do is carry your favourite coffee with you and then whenever you crave for a steaming cup, make one for yourself, with the help of the French Press Coffee maker.

  • Less Weight-

Since the size of the French press coffee makers are smaller in comparison to the bulkier, electronic coffee makers, the weight of the same is also lesser than the electric ones. The less weight makes them convenient to be carried around.

  • Less chance of breaking-

These coffee makers made out of stainless steel are extremely durable and stand no chance if breaking on hitting any hard surface. This makes them perfect for trips. They can brush against branches, slip from hands, topple over and yet there will be no scratch on the surface, rest alone breaking.

  • No power requirement-

The fact that these coffee makers do not require any power to operate makes them the perfect travel buddies. All you got to do is pour the contents into the beaker and stick it on top of a flame. You will have perfectly brewed coffee, within moments.

The traditional mechanism installed inside these French Press Coffee Makers make them the perfect apparatus to carry on your vacations. You will never have to settle for a less deserving cup of coffee in a foreign land, when you have these fantastic coffee makers with you.

These also make for a great gift for people who are in love with both travelling and their coffee.